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Decorative Artists - Having Fun At Work and at Play!

Local Events: 2022 - Pyle Center

Date What Teacher Time Where
April 22

April 23

April 24
Bubbles the Otter-CP
"Clem" the Chipmunk-Acrylic
Ducklings - Acrylic
Lydia Steeves 9:00AM
May 7 May Tea FUN!! 9:00AM Pyle Center
June 4 TBD Deb Ramo 9:00AM Pyle Center
July 9 TBD TBD 9:00AM Pyle Center
August 6 TBD TBD 9:00AM Pyle Center
September 10 TBD Carolyn Johnson 9:00AM Pyle Center
October 1 TBD Liz Voas 9:00AM Pyle Center
November 5 CWC - Luncheon      
November 12 Ornaments Susan Phillips
Janice Parker
9:00AM Pyle Center
December 3 Christmas Party FUN!! 9:00AM Pyle Center

National Events: 2022

February 20-25 Creative Painting Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV
August 7-11 SDP 50th Anniversary Celebration Las Vegas, NV
October 4-9 New England Traditions
Painting Convention
Marlborough, MA
October 22-29 OKC Palooza Oklahoma City, OK